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Instant Messaging – Top 4 Benefits

Here’s why you need instant messaging

If you’ve been thinking about getting started with a telemedicine platform in your practice or private clinic, it’s really important to understand if the tools offered by your telemedicine provider are asynchronous or synchronous.

While both modalities offer impressive benefits for both patients and providers (and, in fact, are ideally combined), it is important to understand the difference between the two and the applications of each. In this article we will talk about asynchronous messaging and we will reveal the 4 main reasons why you should bet on this resource in your business.

Flexibility: The KEY in asynchronous messaging

To carry out a video consultation, or a synchronous teleconsultation, that is, «in real time», the doctor and the patient must have a device that has an Internet connection and the appropriate audio and video capabilities.

On the other hand, to establish an asynchronous teleconsultation, that is, a consultation that takes place during a more spaced period of time and in which, in general, the transmission of messages does not take place simultaneously, it is only necessary to use of a platform that allows the sending and receiving of messages. In this case, it’s not essential that both parties are connected to the Internet at the same time.

This mechanism is more flexible and allows for, as an example, if the doctor sends a message to the patient at a time when he or she is not available, the affected person can still receive the message and respond when they freely decide.

Time optimization

An asynchronous query allows both the patient and the doctor to manage their time more efficiently.

Imagine for example if the patient shares images with their doctor, such as a superficial wound to the skin, or information about their symptoms, the doctor can decide whether or not it’s necessary to arrange an in person appointment.

In the event that the issue only requires the patient to “self treat” or to follow certain guidelines, the doctor can communicate this through direct asynchronous messaging and allow the patient to get on with their day and not worry too much about the matter, or at least until the time comes to have a follow up appointment.

One of the main advantages of asynchronous teleconsultations is that, thanks to the fact that they give the doctor the possibility of discerning between which cases require urgent attention and which do not, they help to decongest the health system and allow professionals to dedicate their time to those patients who truly require it.

If, on the other hand, the doctor decides to make an appointment with the patient because he considers that his health condition does require urgent attention, the fact of having the information that the affected person has sent him via messaging will allow him to «play with an advantage». This will allow both the doctor and the patient to be prepared for the consultation, with previous information and additional knowledge about the situation that could be beneficial, and will at least allow the visit to be carried out more quickly and efficiently.

Improvement in patient follow-up

Thanks to asynchronous messaging, doctors and patients can consult the patient’s history at all times. In cases of chronic diseases or serious pathologies that last over time, being able to carry out remote monitoring without the need for both parties to be online greatly facilitates the patient’s care.

For example, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases could self-record updates on the e-health platform, such as blood pressure, weight or diet, to share it with their doctor without the need for the doctor to be present at that time. This in turn allows the health service provider to subsequently monitor and assess the patient’s process and respond via messaging if they deem it necessary.
The same happens in cases where post-surgical follow-up is necessary.

synchronous messaging allows the patient to assess their own progress by carrying out remote tests while following the personalized protocols for their specific case. This gives a peace of mind, knowing that in the event that an incident arises, then they can arrange a virtual visit or in person based on the information already shared with their doctor.

Patient Well-Being

Patients’ well-being is at the center of all medical services, including asynchronous visits.

To visualize the benefits of this type of consultation for patients, we can give a practical example: a person who, for example, has an apparently minor injury, may believe that it is absurd to go to the doctor’s office, queue up and waste time just to receive an assessment.

However, having the possibility of sending the doctor certain images from which he or she could assess whether it is necessary to carry out a specific treatment and/or attend the consultation in person, would allow the patient control over their health and the peace of mind, knowing that they can ask for help at any time if they need it.

Greater speed of Asynchronous Messaging

Telemedicine is characterized by speeding up treatments and allowing early diagnoses, and asynchronous consultations are no exception to this rule: in the most serious diseases, they also act as an excellent preventive tool.

Let’s imagine a person who could have a malignant skin lesion. In this case, the patient could also benefit from an asynchronous consultation: simply send the doctor an image of the mole or lump so that he or she can assess whether it is necessary to arrange an urgent visit.

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