All your patient management in one place.

Agenda, clinical history, payment gateway, personalised landing page, all without leaving the platform.


Online face-to-face appointments on the same platform.

Unify your agenda of face-to-face and online consultations on the same platform, and configure the duration of each consultation.

You can also configure your availability, duration and price of the consultation; your patients will be able to access your calendar and book their appointments from any device knowing your availability in real time.

Don’t forget that you can synchronise your calendar with other applications to unify all consultations!




Easily access and update each patient's clinical history.

Have all the data relating to a patient’s medical history digitised within the platform.

You can access the information from any electronic device, add data or make changes immediately and without intermediaries.

At Docline, we guarantee a high level of security for patient medical information to maintain confidentiality.


Generate recurring income with your online practice.

From your profile you can configure the price of your digital consultation services. Our virtual POS allows you to set up minutes and apply a specific price depending on the duration or type of service.

Your patients will have access to the virtual payment as soon as they book their appointment from our POS and before making the medical consultation.

In addition, you will be able to automatically generate the invoice for each consultation from the Docline platform. The money will be transferred directly to your account within 5 working days via our payment platform.


A secure, customizable and easily integrated solution.

Complies with all safety protocols. GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

All of our products can easily be integrated with third parties: API, SDKs, webview.

Can be offered as a white label, adapting itself to your corporate image.

Principales Características

All telemedicine services and telemedicine management on the same platform.

Combine your online and face-to-face appointment calendar in just a couple of clicks.

Generate recurring income with your payment inquiry.

Digitize the reports and medical records of your patients.

Easy integration with third parties: API, SDKs, Webview and customizable in appearance (white label), adapting to your brand entity.

Payment gateway integrated directly into the platform. Process your payments and invoices from your profile.

Discover our platform and its benefits.