Video, chat and phone call.

Connect with your patients from any device, anywhere, wherever they are.


Offer new ways of communication to your patients.

The video-consultation allows you to carry out a personalised, exclusive and confidential monitoring (HD encrypted connection) of the patient’s condition in the same way as when the patient attends the in-person consultation, but from anywhere.

You also have the possibility of making phone calls directly from the platform via VoIP. This functionality is very useful to connect with those patients who do not have a smartphone or internet.


Share and receive medical reports, images instantly.

The chat allows direct contact with the patient, with the option to share and receive medical reports, images and complementary tests instantly or asynchronously.

All conversations are saved and sorted on your dashboard by date, so you can have the patient’s entire history at hand.

Through the chat you can also initiate an inter-consultation with professionals from the same clinic or company, allowing you to share experiences, records and histories in the simplest way.


Monitor activity and quality of consultations.

From your dashboard you can access the activity report, where you can see the number of video consultations carried out, chat conversations, electronic prescriptions issued, number of patients added and professionals registered in the clinic or company.

This data will allow you to keep track of the performance of your practice or medical team, as well as providing valuable data and insight.


A secure, customizable and easily integrated solution.

Complies with all safety protocols. GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

All of our products can easily be integrated with third parties: API, SDKs, webview.

Can be offered as a white label, adapting itself to your corporate image.

Main features

Video consultations and chat conversations encrypted in HD.

Easy integration with third parties: API, SDKs, webview.

Send and receive reports, analytics and relevant data directly from the chat.

Customisable in appearance (white label), adapting to your brand entity.

Follow-up of the virtual consultation in the reporting section and KPI dashboard.

Your patients or clients will be able to access the video consultation or chat directly from the app, wherever they are.


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