A secure and scalable solution.

We comply with the highest level of security standards and protect health data by encrypting it.


Maximum data protection.

Docline complies at the highest level with GDPR, HIPAA and other legal frameworks to protect the health data of each virtual practice by encrypting it.

All our systems are regularly audited by a trusted third party, Softcom, and all reports are available to our clients.

All doctor-patient communications via video consultation and chat are encrypted to maintain confidentiality. We anonymise data sets to the highest standard, while preserving usability.


Easy integration and customisable.

Docline offers all its products in an apified, white-label and easy integration way, having the possibility to customize the application under your brand image, integrate the functionalities as an SKD inside your all or embed the application inside your website.

All this in an easy and simple way.


Docline as a white label adapting to your corporate image.

We understand the importance of promoting digital health within your practice, clinic, hospital or company, which is why we adapt all Docline services to your corporate image.

Your patients or clients will be able to access all our services from your website or app without noticing the difference.

Our products with your look and feel, branding in communications, privacy policy and domains.


Discover our platform and its benefits.