Digitise your work and improve your services.

A comprehensive and easy-to-use digital health solution. The perfect complement to your face-to-face consultations.


The perfect complement to your face-to-face consultation.

Manage all your patient’s information from the Docline platform, from the clinical history, appointment calendar, video consultations, chat and the approved private electronic prescription.

A 100% secure platform that complies with the strictest security protocols to preserve doctor-patient confidentiality.

Docline has been designed by doctors for ease of use. Our team will accompany you during onboarding.


Offer a differentiated product to your patients.

Your patients will be able to contact you from any electronic device and place, without the need to travel to the consultation from the comfort of their homes. This will facilitate patient-doctor communication and the monitoring of their evolution, making them feel cared for at all times.

A differentiating product adapted to the times we are living in. Your patients can now download the Docline App and connect with you in two clicks.


Generate recurring income with your online consultation.

With Docline you can generate recurring income with your online practice using the telemedicine platform. In 3 simple steps we explain how other professionals have managed to increase their income by more than 10%:

Create your own personalised website from the platform and configure the price of each of your services.

Increase the visibility and reputation of your practice. Publish your website and share the link with your patients or recruit new ones.

Through the virtual payment gateway integrated in the platform, your patients will be able to pay securely and immediately before making the digital medical consultation.

From the platform you can automatically generate invoices for each of the consultations and transfer the money directly to your account within 5 working days.

A customisable and scalable
360º solution

Consulta virtual

Virtual Consultation

Video consultation, chat and
phone call

Electronic Prescriptions

Online medical prescriptions 

Symptom Checker with AI

Guide patients to the right care with a preliminary diagnosis

Patient Management​

Agenda, medical history, payment gateway, etc.


A secure, customizable and easily integrated solution.

Complies with all safety protocols. GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

All of our products can easily be integrated with third parties: API, SDKs, webview.

Can be offered as a white label, adapting itself to your corporate image.


Discover our platform and its benefits.