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What is Docline's objective?

To provide the entire healthcare community with digital health solutions to achieve a simpler and more efficient interaction between professional and patient, thus improving the patient's quality of life and the work of healthcare professionals.

Does video-consultation replace traditional consultation?

In some cases, video consultations can replace face-to-face consultations in order to avoid unnecessary or difficult travel. It is common practice to combine video consultation with traditional face-to-face consultations.

How does the electronic prescription work?

The private electronic prescription consists of a QR code that the patient receives digitally, with all the necessary data for dispensing their medicines at the pharmacy, as well as instructions on how to take them. Our system is connected to all pharmacies in Spain, so patients can redeem it wherever it is most convenient for them.

What is a symptom checker?

Docline's symptom checker makes it easier for the patient to triage their state of health using artificial intelligence. The patient fills in a short health questionnaire, which will allow them to try to find out about any pathology they are suffering from and make the care they receive quicker and more efficient.

How can I find out more about Docline?

Click here and one of our digital health specialists will contact you to see how Docline can help you or your business.

I already have a Docline user account, how can I log in?

Log in here and you will be able to access the platform with your usual credentials.

What is Docline's policy regarding communication security and data privacy?

For us, the privacy and security of our users' data is the most important element. The data has the highest level of protection and the servers on which it is hosted comply with all the security protocols for medical data, being certified in compliance with GDPR and HIPAA. All communications established within the platform are secure and point-to-point encrypted, so that only patients and healthcare staff have access to them.

We comply with all responsibilities in relation to the Organic Law on Data Protection.


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