Increase the efficiency of your medical center with telemedicine
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Increase the efficiency of your medical center with telemedicine

In this article, we’ll explain how to increase the efficiency of your Medical Center through Docline and its tools.

Using a telemedicine platform has numerous advantages for any healthcare provider, regardless of whether they are in the public or private sector.

However, one of the main challenges faced by private medical centers is often the lack of availability or the difficulty in supplying all the demand: in recent years, due to the collapse of the public health system, the use of private sector medicine has increased considerably.

Digitizing your medical practice and implementing a telemedicine platform will allow you to manage your resources in a planned, consistent and safe way and, consequently, increase your income as a company. In addition, you will also contribute to the improvement of health in a more global sense.

Tools to increase the efficiency of your center

In this article we will explain how to put these concepts into practice in a more concrete way and share more about the Docline tools that you can use to increase the efficiency of your center.

Professional landing page for consultation

Docline offers you the possibility of embedding a link (URL) within your clinic’s web page that redirects to the landing page of each of the professionals who offer telemedicine services.

On this landing page, each doctor can offer their services, show their resume and make themselves known honestly and transparently, as well as set their own agenda and manage payments. With a well-crafted landing page, you could double -even triple- the number of visitors who end up becoming clients of your medical practice.

The landing page can become the most effective marketing tool for attracting clients, because, unlike a traditional secretary, it is available 24/7 for them and acts as the cover letter of each one of your professionals.

Automatic Video Visit Reminder

Many patients, unfortunately, live busy lives and often cannot pay enough attention to their personal agenda.

The fact that your patients can receive automatic reminders days, hours or minutes before the video consultations they have scheduled is a very comfortable tool that reduces absenteeism and encourages rescheduling appointments in those cases in which they cannot connect on time.

Asynchronous Chat

Instant messaging is a very efficient tool that allows patients and health professionals to get in touch non-simultaneously.

While the patient can use this messaging system to consult non-urgent questions, the doctor, in turn, can attend to all these requests when his availability allows it. In addition, in this way the professional can also resolve the queries of more than one patient simultaneously, which improves the efficiency of the medical center in the short and long term.

Receptionist Profile

Although the profile of a receptionist is an essential tool for the proper functioning of your medical practice, Docline’s telemedicine platform will greatly speed up their daily tasks.

The most complex questions will no longer fall to the reception staff, as they will be automated -and this will also guarantee a much smaller margin of error-. In this way, your receptionist will work solely with the mission of reinforcing the functions of the platform, key to the humanization of the consultation and offering patients a warmer welcome.

Digital Diary

Unfortunately it is common for patients to call medical consultations to request changes to the date and time of their scheduled visits. And although this is often a gesture that many providers appreciate -as a timely cancellation is preferable to an unjustified absence-, it inevitably implies that the administrative staff invest a large part of their time and resources in solving it and that, sometimes, is forced to rely on luck, because rescheduling some visits is usually not an easy task: either the professional’s agenda and the patient’s do not coincide, or a new gap appears in the agenda that is very difficult to fill. In these cases, the consequences of carrying out a «traditional management» of the agenda are usually negative: the patient may lose his precious visit and the medical center, in turn, will be losing the income from that consultation.

However, with Docline’s patient management, automating these processes radically simplifies this task: in the event that the patient wishes to change their visit -with or without sufficient notice-, they can do so automatically through a simple click (or by a screen tap for those managing their appointments with their smartphone) from anywhere, without the need to call by phone or carry out inconvenient procedures through email. Your patients will be able to know the availability of your professionals in real time and access your calendars to schedule (or reschedule) all their appointments.

In addition, you will be able to unify your schedule of face-to-face and online consultations on the same platform and configure the duration of each visit to be able to manage it more precisely and fill more empty spaces within the same day.

Digitized clinical history

In the XXI century, paper is not the optimal option. Neither is it practical nor does it guarantee the security of the data contained in it. In addition, it’s not the most sustainable option for the environment and requires the use of a large amount of storage space.

Through the digitized clinical history system that Docline puts at your fingertips, in the same way that your diary and calendar are available to you and your patients in real time within the platform, all the professionals who work in your clinic will also be able to access the clinical history of patients immediately, easily and safely.

In this way, doctors and patients will be able to access their clinical information at any time of the day and from any device. They will even be able to add data and/or modify information without the need for intermediaries, safely and seeing how their confidentiality is respected at all times. This will allow you to increase the efficiency of your medical center significantly.


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